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Hello! This is the portfolio website for Jonathan Wilson, compiling all his exemplary assigments and writing as he pursues a Master of Library and Information Studies degree at Old Dominion University.

He prefers to go by JW, and his usual pronouns are he/him; but he'll also gladly accept they/them pronouns if you get that kind of vibe from him.

He's currently circulating materials and fielding tech questions he has no formal training to answer working as a clerk at Central Rappahannock Regional Library.

Outside of work, he likes to spend his time reading mostly modern science fiction and fantasy novels, comics of all kinds, and leftist nonfiction, along with waffling around various creative disciplines, playing relatively obscure videogames, , among other things.

He doesn't normally write about himself in third person, but thinks the remove fits until he really figures out what he's doing in this program.